Incorrect ride analysis

1st workout after ftp test that resulted in ftp going up 14 watts. Spanish needle with all the sprints being target 434. After ride uploaded analysis shows all the intervals with target 413 (maybe target based on old ftp?)

What’s up with tjat!?
I had a hard time with this workout working up to the target power in pretty much all the intervals but my avg rarely hit the target during the workout according to the display after each interval

But now if I look online my avg is above target for each interval and my TSS is well over target

What gives?

I’ve had it once only partially update my ftp - it showed an update, but the ftp line in the workouts stayed at my old ftp. Try updating your ftp manually, to the same ftp.

One possibility is that you’re using a smart trainer in ERG mode for the workout. If this is the case it is very common for the duration of the interval to be off-set by one or two seconds from the duration of your power.

Essentially the trainer adjusts the power up for 15 seconds and then down for 15 seconds, but due to the delay in responsiveness (i.e. - it doesn’t slam you with the power increase in 0 seconds) instead of the interval lasting from 10:15-10:30 it is really 10:17-10:32

Take a look at sliding the start and stop point and see if it is more accurate

Edit - also could be the partial FTP update described above. Either way - I wouldn’t stress about it, the difference between those numbers is small enough that you were probably hitting the right systems either way

[just deleted 3 paragraphs of text because @trpnhntr explained it better]

Note also when you’re looking at the numbers on screen that they’re usually a 3sec average. So at the start of the interval, they’ll take a while before they actually show your target power.

If your overall NP is on target, and you feel half-dead, then you’ve done Spanish Needle just fine.

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It’s not my power, it’s the target power that is incorrect in the post workout display on the website.
No erg, just vector pedals

Is the ftp line in the workout graph correct?


Hey @LaFarrapona,

I’d recommend reaching out to our Support Team with a link to the problematic workout. They’ll be able to take a look and tell you what went wrong right away :+1:.