Target power doesn't match in workout summary

Today I completed Spanish Needle -3 and when I look at the ride summary afterwards both in the Mac app and on the website I noticed that the target power is much lower than the targets from the workout. I have been noticing this on many workouts but it’s usually just a watt or two lower but today my target was 353 and the summary shows 336. Has anyone else noticed this happening. I know my wife has experienced the same issue on some of her rides too.

I think it has to do with the 1 second ramp up.

If you zoom into any one interval, you’ll notice that the first second of the interval is ramping up to target wattage, and TR analysis takes this into account. If it didn’t, the rider would almost always fall short of the power target.

It happens on all intervals in all TR workouts. It’s just more pronounced on these short intervals.

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Is it common for the green line to be offset from the blue workout target?

Yep, its to partially compensate for the ‘ramp up time’ for your trainer.


Thanks for that. I was worried that there was some sort of glitch. Particularly because somehow my IF, TSS, avg. power and Cal were all above what was expected for the workout when I didn’t think I was hitting the targets that successfully.

I think the blue is ‘workout target power’ and green is ‘trainer target power’. You an see that just before 0:26:30 the trainer has been instructed to ramp power, and it its sort-of hit the first high point (and then overshot), then just before 0:26:45 its been instructed to cut power, which takes again takes a few seconds.

With super-short intervals I think its almost impossible to hit the blue line all the way in erg mode, I just don’t worry about it. Especially as your cadence will most likely be shifting a little as the effort increases, making it even harder for the trainer to balance things.

Does this for dumb trainers too. It seems a strange way to measure the target. It measures from the beginning of the ramp up but not the ramp down. Just weird to have a target of 353 and then see that it ended up being 336.
As long as it isn’t doing something unintended and that I can trust my TSS and wattages then I’m happy. Thanks for the help.