Incomplete workouts

I’ve searched but cant quite find the reasons but did over / unders today on my brothers Wattbike whilst im away from home. Found it incredibly hard compared to my usual trainer. I did lower the difficulty and also somehow managed to part skip an interval - one or both of these factors resulted in an incomplete workout. Why aren’t the progression levels calculated on what you managed to do rather than what you were meant to do? Very sloppy workout today but would still count as an improvement

Power meters are not all built equal. Some read too low or too high. O/U take you close to your limit. If the power is too high, it will be too hard.

Another factor to take into account is cooling. Did you have a good fan to keep you cool?

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I’ve completed a few workouts recently that didn’t count towards PL’s. In my case it was forgetting to plug the laptop in and having it shutdown mid ride.
I listed equipment issue and AT still rejected the PL increase after 1:05 minutes during an hour thirty long workout. :crazy_face:.

If it looks and smells suspect…don’t eat it. You can ignore Adaptations if you think they’re shit. AT will do it’s thing when you get back on your trainer.

Indeed, the wattbike is a prime example of this however i think its 20w different to my trainer and PM

Ok, its just strange, there must surely still be some progress to an exercise if it has been undertaken even if not completed. I was wondering if it was algorithms or something that couldnt work out what youve done in conpariaon to what you should have done

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1:05 of a laptop dropping out during an endurance ride was enough to mess up the algorithm.
Like everything in life, TR is a work in progress.
Best to contact support and judge them on the response.

Hey, sacked off the dodgy wattbike workout. I had another issue this week where my erg mode failed as my phone decided to pair randomly with my turbo. Lost a few O/Us and lost progression too. 24hours later it was reinstated! Go figure.