Not getting PL credit for a workout

I know this is a very specific to my workout, but I was just curious why I didn’t get the PL credit for my most recent workout.

Here is my workout I just did:

I’m assuming it’s because I didn’t maintain my wattage in the valleys, but I didn’t think that would keep me from getting the PL “credit” for it.

Looks like you got the “Struggle” survey and answered “Sick” as the reason. If so, I think it’s likely correct that TR didn’t bump your PL. But as ever, the best option for an answer to a question like this is an email to since they can dig far deeper than we can on the forum.


Thanks @mcneese.chad ! Yeah, I was surprised to see the “Struggle” survey as well. I can reach out to support for clarification.

It would definitely be interesting to hear what support says, but I would speculate the struggle survey might have something to do with the lower power numbers during the rest intervals PLUS the total number of times it appears you might have stopped pedaling in them (I see many drops to 0 throughout the rest intervals from the first set through to the end).

AT may be flagging those drops…


I heard back from support and they basically said it was because of not matching the lower valley power numbers. Here is a quote from them… emphasis added

…workouts such as Sleeping Beauty +4, have very short rests which are important and still fall in part of the workout settings aimed at improving your recovery and repeatability. So even though you were managing the high targets well, would you have been able to do so had you ridden at the power targets of the rest?

I’ll keep this in mind for my future workouts.