In Search of More Gravel Content on Youtube?

Gimme all the content please!

Here’s some active channels I’m currently aware of:
(and looking for more)

Dustin Klein

Path Less Pedaled

Rapha Films (EF Gone Racing & Outskirts Films)

Vegan Cyclist

Ted King

FasCat Coaching

The EF guys occasionally post gravel stuff. A few examples.

Gravel Cyclist


Gravel guru

I gave them a glance awhile back – is it a podcast with video of the hosts talking or do they have footage of races, trails, equipment etc?

They do recaps of races like DK and Land run, but for the most part your observations are correct. I still like it. They are great guys!

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Nice, I’ll have to start giving them a listen as a background track while doing other things

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