Favorite cycling YouTube channels [2022]

Hi all,
Curious to know what are everyones favorite cycling YouTube channels?

There’s a thread from 2019, but the YouTube landscape as changed quite a bit since then.

I’ll start with local hero:



Helps if you are scotish though

I like and follow:

Ed Laverack
Good for hill climbing tips

LCRP clips
Good for Pro racing news and insight

Mark Lewis
Not just cycling but very entertaining and surprisingly informative and relatable

Phil Gaimon
Just because

SAFA Brian
Speed and epic cinematography

Terry Barentsen
Lots of variety, gravel & urban stuff

The Vegan Cyclist
Because dude ya know bruh :love_you_gesture:t2:

Shameful plug of my own channel :laughing:


Great POV race videos and the best “How to race crits” tips on the internet.

Best world tour race recaps


Some of the nicest cycling scenary and seems like overall good dude.

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These are pretty regularly used when I’m on the trainer if I’m not watching XC racing ok Redbul/GCN or some of the World Tour road racing.

I also have a few on my subscription list that are not as good on the trainer, or less frequently updated, and I don’t watch everything they put out:

SingleTrack Sampler
Skills With Phil
Gee Milner
Dylan Johnson
Cole and Saville


I am a regular at like 80% of these channels. Good thing? Excess?

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@GPLama , of course!
:smiley: :llama:

And RoJ :heart: :balance_scale::


Phil Gaimon, Kerry Werner and The Vegan Cyclist are the channels I watch religiously when they put new content out.

DC Rainmaker and GPLama are the go-to’s for anything cycling tech related

For cycling adventures/vlogs -

Dustin Klein
Cameron Jeffers
Francis Cade
Juliet Elliott
Katie Kookaburra

Others on my subscription list

Kinetic Cycle Coaching
Brian Davis Races
Claudio Marquez (who is probably here on the TR forum)
Rebecca Fahringer
Wide Angle Podium

and oh yeah… Trainerroad :slight_smile:


m n is an evanescent Norcal cyclist who puts out 12/10 video edits, often in the same races as Jeff from NorCal (aka Alviso)

wackary_zeimer yall might recognize from a recent TR Tulsa Tough breakdown - cat 1 on Terun with solid race breakdowns

In addition to the above I’d plug Drew Dillman’s channel. His production value has improved greatly this year. Good Crit recaps.


Cosmo Catalano and HTRWW

I like these two in particular, as they give more of a average club rider sense of training/racing.