MTB POV YouTube Videos/Recommendations

So, I love watching POV XC videos when I’m on the trainer.

For the last couple of years I’ve almost exclusively watched and rewatched @Jason_Kennedy videos as they’re super useful prep for my main races each year (Whaka 100). Recently I discovered Syd and Macky and their awesome content and have had course previews or race footage from several other American races pop up.

I thought it might be cool to see what other videos or channels people like (specifically riding footage, not information etc that I need sound on for).

Here’s some of my favourites/recent discoveries:


I like some of Safa Brian’s videos, though I find it frustrating to watch some of his road riding antics. The XC and gravel stuff is cool, as well as his group ride with Izzy King etc

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I’ve really enjoyed Jordan Boostmaster. More DH-leaning but he’s got a lot of lovely footage of BC trails.

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You have to keep cueing up another, but lots of trail POV

Even though I am a mountainbiker through and through, I enjoy Vegan Cyclist and Jasper Verkujl

(Impossible Route stuff is good)

Also, Bernard Kerrs chanel (LSD) is primarily POV of late all filmed in and around Queenstown.

And I imagine you’ve found Lance and the Best Day Ever crew? Can be a good laugh now and again.

More North American based are BKXC and Singletrack Sampler


Nate Hills - Good POV from great trails all around!

Jesse Melamed - Good POV from enduro races! Great for short hard efforts on the trainer


For you fatty’s, here’s the full Badger State Games Fat Bike Race.

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This is what I always imagined Iceman Cometh was. Or laps of a frozen lake or something.

Until the LTGP series and realised it’s just a race.

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LTGP didn’t race Ice Man. Maybe you’re thinking of Cheq 40?

Speaking of Cheq, this guy also has some videos of Fat Bike Birkie, which is on the Birkie Ski Trails. Chequamegon 40 has a large portion using the Birkie Trails.

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Love Jesse’s POV… has my jaw on the floor regularly. I think this is the most committed mountain bike run I’ve seen… ever.

I also really like Safa’s mountain bike and gravel stuff.


Sorry, you’re right. I was only thinking of Iceman from watching the Cole Patton and Savilla Blunk videos. It looked very similar to Chequamagon (which was a surprise as I say, I expected snow, ice, and vikings)

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This is the way.

Once you watch Nate ride and then other people, you think you’re watching the other people in slow motion. Nate is one of the best pure mtbers out there.


Shameless plug:


Not specifically POV but Pinkbike has Movies For Your Monday which is usually a bunch of random videos, mostly mountain biking but also other sports too.

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Ben Goyette youtube channel is the best I’ve found for this. High quality XC race videos


I’ve seen that one pop up! I haven’t watched much yet as they have been smaller local races but have watched bits and pieces.

Will definitely queue up a couple full races. Any tips to which are the more technical races?

Just found this one a few minutes ago. I haven’t watched more than a few minutes and I’ve got the sound off … So apologies if it’s not what I think it is.

Remys riding is insane. The raw channel does without the vlog style content that tends to bother my when I’m elbow deep in an interval.

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Shameless(full?) plug. I was inspired by Ben Goyette’s channel. I have only been racing one season but I posted all my races from last year with stats on screen. I plan on recording all my races this year too. If you have feedback on how to make them better I would love to hear it!


Spoiler alert… did you win?

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You’ll have to watch to find out…


Watched this last night - a lot of POV in Wairoa Gorge (The Gorge) following Matt Walker, Charles Murray, Bernie, and a hanger on.

At one point one guy comes flying by them on his backside as they clear a tree out of the way (quite funny), but just after that once they get going again they nearly nose tail each other…I was so engrossed I reacted in the middle of a 30-sec VO2 effort and back pedaled to avoid the crash!

About 10 mins of Tom foolery at the start, but once riding it’s at least a 20-min run which they do three times.

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