Impromptu race this weekend, what should I change in this week's training?

I’ve decided to do a race this weekend. It’s a fairly small low-key affair and I’ll do fairly well regardless. If I’m on good form it could be a win, if I’m tired and i have a bad day maybe I’ll be 5th at worse. I’d like to do well (a top 3 at least, really) but I don’t want to compromise my long-term winter training plan.

I’m currently in week 2 of SS2MV. Today I did Petit and tomorrow I’m due to do Donner, with Clark on Friday and Hunter on Saturday.

My race is Sunday, but I’ll be practicing throughout Saturday. It’s a downhill MTB race so the race itself is only a couple of minutes long but very full-on effort, and there will be a lot of pushing up the hill and practicing various sections at pace.

I think I’d like to hammer the training tomorrow (a hard session with high TSS and a stronglifts 5x5 weights session), and then have Thursday and Friday off.

What workout would you do tomorrow, and would you do the skipped workouts on Fri/Sat next week, or just carry on with wk3 of the plan?

If this is a “C” priority race, just train normally up until race day. Swap out the race day for whatever workout was planned that day. Continue on with the next week’s workouts.


I struggle with the A B C thing. To me every race is an A race… but I know it doesn’t work like that… it’s certainly an “easier” race than my true A races, so I’ll downgrade it based on that - thanks!