Imported Peloton rides from Strava

Hey all, Ive imported my strava history which includes a lot of rides on the Peloton stationary bike and notice they all show a lot of time “coasting” when in reality there was zero coasting.
this is one example >>

I sent in a ticket about this a year ago but they werent able to fix it at the time. Wondering if anyone else has run into this issue?

Ride is marked private. Can you open it up?

Opps sorry about that. It should be public now

I know this doesn’t help solve the use of the word “coasting”, but it shows TSS as 82 and IF of 1.25 for a 60 minute ride. It also shows NP of 202 with FTP AT 165. Although it says “coasting”, those numbers are really high, so I would probably ignore that and focus on getting your FTP set correctly.


Thanks I’ll look into that !

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Similar comments to @Pbase:

While the title says Power Zone Endurance ride, if you rode it similar to one would ride at sweet spot (~90% FTP during the harder sections) which is what I’d guess you did, and by looking at the NP of a few of the sections, I’d guess that your FTP is about 230 making the overall I.F. about 0.70. A reasonable cross check would be to look at your HR, but it doesn’t appear that you were wearing an HRM.

FWIW: Given your ability to do Matt’s session, I’d recommend that you do the 20min version of the FTP test. BTW: Great finish!

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The Coasting time and average power seem to match and makes sense. It seems roughly every other second (less than a second but near enough) is showing as zero power i.e coasting. Every other second is then showing a power number. Can’t tell for sure but the NP will be way off (too high) because of zero power one second and then a power reading the next. Maybe something to do with the power readings sample rate. You can’t see in the power trace you’d need to look at the sensor data or power data at a higher resolution to confirm.

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Looked at it on Strava, the numbers seem to make sense there. I now see what you mean, weird (as is the speed fluctuations see second image.)

The TR import seems to be ‘seeing’ those speed fluctuations, dips, as coasting time

No idea whats going on.

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My Peloton rides show lots of “coasting” time on my heart rate endurance rides as there is a lot of time spent at lower powers which correspond to the zone TR defines as coasting.

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@BarronN If this is correct that would explain it !

Thanks @Pbase and @bobmac for the thoughtful analysis ! You are right on about my FTP being near 230. I think what happened is that my old FTP (2015) of 165 was still set in my TR profile at the time I imported Stravas ride history here but Ive been around 225 the last few years.

Maybe a more recent one like this would be a better example


I don’t think it does, TR coasting is Zero watts, at least according to the summary table below workouts.




This is correct, time spent coasting is categorized as time spent at zero watts.

This is certainly a weird issue, and I can’t say for sure what is causing this to happen. This is not an issue that we see regularly by any means. I’m really sorry that our Support Team was not able to track down the source of the issue when you contacted them last year, but I would go ahead and shoot them another email to let them know that this issue has been a consistent issue for you to see if there has been any developments in the past year.

Cheers, and good luck!

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Hi - were Trainerroad able to fix your problem as I have a similar problem with all of my outdoor rides showing very high levels of ‘Coasting’ (up to 85%) which as per your problem is skewing my IF and NP levels?

Hey! I would definitely reach out to, there have been a ton of app changes and updates since this post was originally made, and the support team likely has a handful of troubleshooting tricks up their sleeves for this!

Thanks @IvyAudrain. I contacted them the other day and they managed to come back to me with a workaround by changing the recording rate on my Garmin to every second. I haven’t managed to test this yet but will do at the weekend.

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