We need a way to turn on syncing with Trainingpeaks, while also not importing Trainingpeaks -> TR

I do all my triathlete planning in Trainingpeaks as its just better for me than the TR interface. I plan all my specific cycling workouts in the TR calendar.

Sometimes I like to build a ride in trainingpeaks for the sake of TSS tracking and seeing how if jives in my entire SBR plan.

What I dont like is I will get 2 rides for each workout day. 1 planned in TrainerRoad from the TR library and 1 imported to Trainer Road as custom workout. This is making a mess of my custom workout library too.

I wish there was a toggle to stop importing workouts from trainingpeaks but still upload your TR workouts.


Totally agree. I was very excited when TR announced integration with TP, but importing workouts and duplication (like you describe above) led me to disable it. I like the way Garmin Connect let’s you control the direction of data separately - 3rd party app to Garmin Connect, and Garmin Connect to 3rd party app. This would be a huge addition.

Would TP <-> Strava (or some other repository) <-> TR work, where only completed workouts are synced?

I’ll share this feedback with the team so we can take a look when we’re revisiting the TrainingPeaks integration.
In the meantime, you could solely use TrainingPeaks to plan, and have the workouts sync over to TrainerRoad as custom workouts. In order to avoid the duplicate situation, you could delete the cycling rides off of TrainerRoad after you plan on TrainingPeaks. A little cumbersome but will help clean up your calendar.