I'm confused by my plan

I noticed that one day I have the following:

  1. Galina (1.5 hr)
  2. Base Run + Uphill Strides (35 min)
  3. Brick (10 min) - the description says 45 min bike and 10 min run.

Does this seem correct? It seems like a lot. I’ve been fooling around with the plans as I figure out events I might want to train for, so It’s hard to tell if I might have multiple plans running at the same time.

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what kind of plan you setup (IM, HIM)?
It seems like you do Galina with a 10 min brick, then on a separate session so a 35 min run (2 wo per day, one AM, one PM).

Olympic Tri.

I’d agree with you if it were a 45min Galina rather than 1.5 hours, but I could be wrong.

Did you do a high volume plan?
Do you see this often in different days?

10 min off the bike is not that bad…
and 35 min run in not bad either…

I would do them back to back and make it a 2:15 day…

the brick description is off tho.
Like if there were something else there before.

It is a high volume. (maybe I should reconsider that, but the normal volume seemed low after a couple of weeks.)

I wish I didn’t have to reenter the events every time I change the plan :frowning:

I believe if you add your events directly to the calendar, it will account for them during plan builder. That way you don’t have to enter them over and over again.

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Did you shuffle around the workout days when you put the plan in? Assuming you’re in base, this is what there is on consecutive days on the plan. Looks like you moved stuff around hence the weird combo:

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I contacted support, and they think it might be a typo, and are going to look into it. I’ll post back when I get clarification.


You don’t! As long as you’re logged in when going through Plan Builder now, it will ask if you want to keep your events you previously identified. Pretty slick!

Keep us updated if support provides some insight about the ‘brick’ workout questions, definitely hard for us here to know exactly without looking at your profile and complete plan. I’m sure they’ll sort you out! :+1:

It may be possible that you have multiple plans, or an event or two didn’t get deleted.

For anyone interested, here is what support said.

I heard back from the team and that actually isn’t a typo. The 75 minutes refers to the active portion of the workout, excluding the warmup and cooldown sections. After this, you are supposed to go straight into a 10-minute run. So, TrainerRoad workout then straight into the run and that’s it for the day!

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