Brick workouts messed within the week

On the calendar, brick workouts (bike&run) are misplaced, split in different days and it takes me a while to setup everything right.

I mean: the bike workout is on tuesday for instance, whereas the correlated off-the-bike run workout is on wednesday. Or the opposite.

Anyone else with the same bug?
Please fix…

I just loaded that plan into my calendar and reviewed it. I didn’t see anything like what you’re talking about.

First off, I don’t see any mid-week (Tue or Wed) brick workouts in the plan at all. All the designated bricks are on the weekends.

And as far as I can tell from when I loaded it, every run workout that was labeled as being a component of a brick workout showed up on the correct day in my calendar (i.e. correctly paired with a ride and on the same days as is described in the plans weekly tips notes).

Maybe try deleting the plan from your calendar and reloading it.

I guess my issue happens because, while adding the plan to the calendar, I modified the order/distribution of the single workouts (I did that in order to better fulfil my organisational requirements).
Maybe those changings to the typical week influenced the whole plan.

I think that’s exactly what happened. I’d recommend pulling up the original plan in another window or tab, and then using that as a guide to modify your plan so it works for your schedule. It can help a lot to schedule types and intensities of workouts based on what the original plan recommended, just shifted.

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not very straightforward, but it’s not a big issue. I’ll just re-add the whole plan and make adjustements week by week.

But I just can’t see why the software lets doing something which will mess everything up.

If you move full days this shouldn’t happen. I adjusted my HD MV plan by shifting all days up one and everything worked perfectly.