I'm back. Maybe?

So I took a year off using trainer road after using it for two years.

I had coach last year that was able help me progress quite a bit as I was looking to learn a bit more about training with a live coach.

With winter training upon us I decided to start back this week after taking a break from structure for a few weeks and a total week off the bike last week.

Used plan builder to create a mid volume rolling road race plan through spring. The plan is picking up at base2 with lots of intensity right out of the gate. Today was a series of VO2 50/50s and weds is TH. It’s like that for 5 weeks on and one week off. This all just seems wrong.

I emailed support but have not heard back. Any thoughts or advice out there? I guess I could swap the plan builder and manually add base 1 but that seems to undermine the point of plan builder. Thanks for thoughts.

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They just made a lot of changes to their plans and introduced “masters plans” which might be better for you.

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The results of Plan Builder are set from your selections with respect to your Experience and likely time to target events as key factors here.

If you feel like it is setting you too deep into a training phase, my first suggestion is to dial back the “Experience” you selected (I’m guessing you have Advanced or Expert selected?). Picking first two (Beg/Int) will lean toward base and might give you the initial Base instead of launching into Base 2.

  • I play with that setting the most when I am evaluating the suggested plan before accepting it to my calendar. I step back in the process and try each option to see the results and pick on that regardless of the labeling.

That and/or it could be related to events on your calendar if you applied and included them in your PB. Either way, it’s likely that TR support will be able to direct you if the Experience hack I mention doesn’t give you a result you like better.


Chad- thanks. I did dial it back some but will take it further back to see if that is more manageable. But question the amount weeks on before an off week. That doesn’t seem good for anybody.

@ChefAcB will check that out. Thanks

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Just seeing today’s announcement. General base was switched to 3 weeks in 1 week off. Hah. Going to reset my plan with the updates to plan builder. Thank you.


Welcome back! I just saw that you managed to get your plan changed up on your TR Calendar and that Nicholas from TR Support got back to you. Looks like you’re all set for the moment, but feel free to let us know if you have any other questions. Happy training! :smiley:

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@ZackeryWeimer yes thanks. Was able to re-do the plan with new settings that were released yesterday. It seemed odd to kick the Base season off with Stretch workouts from the jump. And 5 weeks on before a rest week is a recipe for burnout for any athlete.