New Workout level variants - feature request

i’m loving the new plans workouts and the levels but can we add something similar to the ‘variants’ of workouts …

This morning I had Pizzocolo an anaerobic 5.2 workout but due to lack of sleep, and an early start I had to lower resistance by 5%, is there a way where I could have chosen a similar workout (without going into workout finder adding filters and scrolling to find a similar one) but at say 4.5 or a similar level??

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I will try to add screen shots later, but I think what you want is already present.

  1. Open the TrainerRoad app.
  2. Open the planned workout from your Career or Calendar.
  3. Pick the “Alternates” tab a bit under the planned workout (after it is opened).
  4. Change the Duration (longer or shorter) and/or Difficulty (easier or harder) as desired.
    • You can quickly find workouts that are similar to, or slightly different from the current workout.
    • The Difficulty filter gets you in a range of Workout Levels, and you can quickly scroll in the list (that is sorted from easy to hard) to find an alternate workout.
  5. Pick the desired new workout.
  6. Pick “Replace” to make the actual swap to the newly selected workout.
    • TR swaps it on the Calendar.
  7. Run the workout at that time if appropriate.
    • This all works for any workout on your Calendar, even for future days. So you can do it at any time, despite the initial approach I outlined above.

Is this a Adaptive Training feature only? When I click on the workout, I only see Workout Details and Variants. No Alternates.

Good question. It may well be an AT feature since I am in the group. Sounds like that is the case, based on what you see.

In either case, the “Feature Request” is “complete” since I think there is a tool that will be available to all, once AT is fully released.


That variant feature is for sure in the AT only, those not in AT only get the variants of that named workout. Hopefully they can release that little feature soon @IvyAudrain :grimacing::blush::pray: @mcneese.chad heres a screen shot of what I get for variants…


Copy that. Sorry I gave false hope to non AT users for now, DOH!


Many thanks forthe reply - If that is something thats coming its clearly exactly what I was asking for!

I’ll wait then until it’s available or my ticket comes up for the AT beta…

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There’s a lot of that going on :wink:

I think I said this in another thread. It would be a good bone to throw at the non-beta users to make this feature available outside of AT. Not sure how everything is architected, but seems like this could be separated in a similar manner to Train Now.

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In my limited use, I feel it needs some expansion. Broader options along with a survey on why a different one than scoped was chosen. See if that comes down the pipeline.

Can anyone remind me what happens if we don’t do that and select one from the library? It handles it ok, or breaks the plan?


yes!! Alternates has gone live - thanks TR makes my life a whole lot easier…

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How are variants any different than what we had previously?

Variants are what you had previously, and you can identify them by name (e.g. Galena, Galena +1, Galena -1, etc. are all Galena variants). The naming convention was inconsistent and confusing: sometimes the “minus” versions were easier, but sometimes they were shorter and harder (and the opposite for “plus” versions).

Alternates are based on AT’s workout levels, and they’re organized by duration, training zone, and (in the beta) relative difficulty. For example, AT wants me to do Mount Deborah +1 next week. I want to do 90 minutes that day, not 75, but there is no 90-minute Mount Deborah variant. With alternates I can quickly grab a 90-minute workout of comparable difficulty that hits the same training goals:


At first glance, you have many options for different durations to choose from, an option on the intensity workout level you want to pick… also some of the variants are longer or shorter intervals for the energy system you are training that specific day.

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Don’t get it. Seems that some people not in AT Beta now have Alternates. I’m all up to date, also not in the Beta, and do not have alternates. Weird. I would also think this would be released with an announcement on the podcast. Seems like a bit of a big deal. Not something they’d just slide out in silence.

Hey all, Workout Alternates is in the beta app (different from the Adaptive Training beta) for a little bit to make sure no bugs arise. When it goes live to all athletes you’ll see an announcement and education!


As if by magic, reading this thread, open TR to look at what’s on for today, and get the feature… (I’m using iOS Beta app)