How big is your .... screen


I’m setting up my pain cave and would like to take advantage of the upcoming sales to get a new TV.
Any recommednations for TV size? is it possible to go too big??


Size doesn’t matter…

It’s where you mount it that counts. Consider viewing angle when you’re on your bike.


I used a 32" for years but my inlaws gifted me a nicer 40" when they replaced theirs. I think that’s a great size for watching shows, movies, YouTube videos, and Zwift. I never project TR on that screen, that only stays on my laptop. Much bigger and I think I would have to turn my head some when watching something.


It’s probably possible to go too big at some point. Personally I use a 1080p 40" wall mounted TCL TV. Works dandy for my needs.


Yup, 40" primary and 24" secondary screens, right in front. As mentioned, get the height & distance right. Seen plenty too high or too low and way too far away, IMO.

  • Eye line dead horizontal is roughly 8" above screen center. I have a slight downward view angle when seated with hands on the hoods. This mimics my view when outside, looking up the road.

  • The center of screen is 24" horizontal and 20" vertical from the hoods. The screen is also tilted back with shims. Roughly 5-10* or so, because pure vertical is odd to me when on the bike in this relative position.


100%…also very individual. My recommendation is to spend a ride seeing where your eyes naturally settle on….that is where you need to put the screen.

There is literally no way I could use Chad’s primary screen….I would have to crane my neck up so much it would cause excessive fatigue. But I am also sure it is the correct position for Chad, who is meticulous in his set-up.

I have a 32” screen sitting on an old coffee table, right in front of me….very low compared to most people’s setups. But because it is so low, I also have it tilted upwards so I have a good view angle. Above that main screen is a secondary 24” screen.


Back when I was Zwifting, I used a 50” TV. It was mounted so I didn’t have to stretch my neck to look at it. I was never bothered by it, so it must have worked fine.

Nowadays I just use TR on my phone mounted to my stem and zone out with music.


Since I workout in the living room, my screen has been my 65" TV. I had a 55" before and found it too small. I like the 65" better for those long endurance rides while watching epic movies. TR has always been on the small screen of my phone. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Like some have commented, the key is placement and height.

I did the mistake to place it “in front” of me and holy hell it was too high…

I would place it so you can relax your neck and eyes. It’s not nice to relax the neck but then have to look up and strain the eyes.

Screen has to be placed lower than you expect. Trial and error before you settle, rather too low than too high :slight_smile:

For me, control is also important, how do you control what’s on the screen? I have done both TV and eventually settled for iPad. Was easiest and fastest to just have an iPad Pro 12.9” for media consumption than to fiddle with keyboard and mouse etc.

Of course airplay is always an option, or YouTube app ok Apple TV or such for quick jumping between media.


Agree with all above.

I have an older 46" (I think) and I wouldn’t want to go any bigger really. At least then I’d have to be further away and it starts to take away from the benefits of my compact dedicated space.


Yes, it’s possible to go too big. There are good references on the internet for viewing distance v size. These are from a sofa/chair viewing position, but you can sub in the bike/trainer. But as others have said, put thought into how high you mount it too. My trainer is in the living room, and the 60" screen (many feet away) is low to the ground because we have low furniture, but it’s still higher than I would prefer for when I am on the trainer.


Placement is the whole issue. I have a 65 inch tv where I ride…but I dont turn it on anymore. I use an ipad mounted on my bike. Just saves the neck.

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15” laptop on a chair, roughly 5-6 feet from my eyes. Angle is perfect. Bigger screen my be nice, but then I’d couldn’t get into my fridge. (See the third pic here.)

Placement is key. I have a 22" for TR, and a 43" for watching “stuff.” While I love bike races, I find that rollers and bike races aren’t a very good match for those of us who instinctively want to steer/lean with the action, so for me it’s more often nordic skiing or biathlon races.

My screens go on this mobile mount to I could fine tune my placement, plus I can move the displays to view from other portions of my pain cave. Next up in an IR sauna, so my wife is excited about watching Hallmark movies out the glass door with bluetooth sound inside… I think in another thread on another forum that was referred to as a sufferfest (lower case:))…

(Catalog photo below, not my room)


40” TV, placed close and low.


40" TV screen that is 65" inches from my handlebars with the bottom edge of the screen set at the same height as the height of my handlebars, bike is mounted on top of a wobble board.

First instance of setting up, I had the screen way too high. I then did what many suggest here, ride and let me eyes ‘rest’ on a spot on the wall ahead and used that as my centre point for the screen.

EDIT: second screen is laptop to my side on a table, I mirror onto the TV via the laptop.

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I have 43” TV screen.

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I just upgraded. Was a 21" monitor and 42" TV. Kept the TV and bought a bigger one, so now I have a 42" and 50". Have it set up so I can just see the bottom of the lower screen when riding. Still need to organize the wires better.

Bonus picture of my cat who decided the table was her sleeping spot. It’s nice to have a workout buddy. Even if she blocks the screen a bit.


65" TCL Series 4. The cheapest (good) large LED I could find. We’ve changed some things since this was taken. The treadmill is gone. The TV is higher. Mounted low seemed like a good idea, but my wife found that riding in her aero bars for hours did NOT properly train her neck muscles for outdoor riding. We raised the TV up about 20 inches. That worked well to prep her for her IronMan.


Adorable riding partner :stuck_out_tongue:

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