Best height for device when training

What do you think is the best height/placement for the TR screen/dashboard when training?

I have it placed about a meter directly in front of me at about chin height when sitting in normal (arms slightly bent, so kind of aero) position with hands on the hoods.

What you say?

I just use a phone so i just have it clipped to my stem

“Best” is relative to the rider, their goals and the specific equipment.

For a large display like a TV or monitor, I feel it’s good to have the center of the screen aligned with the “normal” forward looking position of a rider on the hoods (or whatever is your main position). Aim to have a similar body and head position as outside riding.

  • For me, this is a 40" TV, about 2 feet in front of my head, and the center about 1 foot higher than my bars. I also tilt the screen back about 10* which makes it more “realistic” looking, especially when using first person view within Zwift or watching POV riding videos.
  • We often see people with high mounted TV’s and I see it is problematic and awkward.

Here are a couple of shots of the my setup as it evolved:

Lots of examples and some discussion in the large thread below:

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er…the height that the only mobile chair on wheels I have in my flat is - with my tablet on that…propped up by a copy of “The Crippled God” by Steven Erikson…part 10 of an epic fantasy series which in this case has the important property of being the longest book I own and thus good for leaning my tablet on in the hall! :laughing: