Ideal heart rate for consuming nutrition?

This might be a silly question but I’m curious if there is an advisable heart rate for when it is best to consume nutrition on the bike? Any existing research on this topic?

I don’t have research, but personally I can’t eat until I go below 140bpm. Above that I’m usually breathing too hard to eat without choking.


Any heart rate above zero works for me


Heart rate is probably the wrong metric to use for this evaluation…it is very individual and someone’s 140HR could be easy Z2 while be another’s Z4.

In general, it is easier to eat solid food at lower exertion levels. However, if you are getting your calories via liquids, you can consume them at almost any level.


yeah, personally I need to train to eat solid food while riding at a hard tempo/SS pace. Lots of small bites.

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I can’t eat going very hard, which is why I use sugar water when my heart rate is very high.