I Want to Ride Outside So Bad!

…but if I do, I deviate from the TR plan during my first week. Bleh! Its almost 50 degrees.

what if I told you could and it’s alright. You don’t have to follow the plan to a T. Ride outside and then do the indoor session.


I would thank you. But, I’m conflicted. And its still cold out. It would just be nice to get out there. I’d be skipping the “Glassy” ride (switching Sat & Sun around).

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I think Glassy is a good candidate to replace with an outdoor ride!

Then do it, unless you are getting paid to ride then I guess you ride for fun… don’t lose sight of that! :grinning:

If you plan on riding on the weekend then move your ‘easy’ ride there so you don’t miss out much, for example ‘carter’ next week. Unless you are planning on a tough outdoor ride to replace the harder workout


Cold out… I commute to work up here on a fat bike. Only 10km each way. On warmer days I do about 25-30km on the way home. I find it really shakes up my indoor work in a good way. I do it on a fat bike with 4.8 inch tires at 5 psi. Can certainly feel it. The coldest I’ve commuted at is -40 celcius. Last year in February I did the grizzly fat bike race in canmore. It was -35 and I rode for over 3 hours. It did take over a week for my lungs to recover. Lol

Nothing compared to riding outside.



I live in Chicago and it’s sunny and ~45F outside – in January!!! You gotta surf when the waves are good :metal:

I just got done with a 2 hour ride along the lake. It was fantastic. I feel completely recharged and energized…it’s much easier to go back down the well when you’ve had a little sunlight and fresh air to reinvigorate you.

Remember this, and it’s important – and I think it’s true for almost everyone here, but we sometimes forget it: we started using TrainerRoad because we loved riding bikes; we didn’t start riding bikes because we loved TrainerRoad.

TR is a means to an end – and that end is riding. Go get after it!


I completely agree about feeling conflicted. I just don’t want to deviate from the program, it’s research based and the order/intensity is deliberate. I feel bad switching the order of stuff even. Granted I’ve done it a lot lately because of illness, thanks Christmas.

I wish there was more just “go ride for X min at Y RPE” built into the program. Whether outside or on the ‘Z-word’.

It’s beautiful here in Cincy today and I buried myself in the Spanish Needle. :unamused:

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I did a fast group ride today with Chloe Woodruff as well as some other very strong and way too skinny athletes. She was amazing! The ride was super hard for me as usual but, oh so critical for improvement. Even if it’s just solo I think it’s necessary to do a longer ride each week if possible.

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50F, get outside :slight_smile: It was 0c with me today, no wind and I had a great time. 30+ miles Going out today means I will appreciate the summer when it comes! You will find a way to balance the indoor and outdoor rides. If I can actually get 3 rides in a week, I move Saturday to Friday and do Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I then get out on a Saturday.

I do low volume plans so I can ride outside. I get my intervals on the trainer 3 days a week then on one day of the weekend I go have fun outside. Except when life gets in the way like this weekend… I am knocking on Kaweah right now while the kiddo naps and decided to do brasted+2 tommorow during nap to crush myself.


+1 to this

Or I’ll do some version of Baxter if it’s too cold out and I want to get an extra ride in. The LV plans are the way to go in the summer for sure - leaves you a lot of flexibility to ride bike while getting in the intensity.


A lot less busy this time of year👍🏼

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I feel the same way. I understand not wanting to deviate from the program. My time is super limited so I have to choose one or the other.

I think I would feel better about riding outside if it was somehow built into the system. Zwift does something like that for its training plans. You can just click a button on any ride that says “rode outside”. Somehow I feel better knowing that it’s built into the system and I didn’t “skip” a ride.


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Just try to replicate the demands of the indoor ride outside if you want to not deviate from the plan. If you don’t have a PM use RPE.

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Is there much salt on the lake trail still or has it washed away for the most part?

Lots of salt in several areas today.

That Norco is a beautiful looking bike. They are doing some really cool things both in road and mountain bikes these days.

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6am, just about to head out for a MTB marathon. Yes, I’m missing out on a workout but

  • I’ll be doing a workout of sorts anyway
  • Getting to ride with other people and have social interaction
  • Getting out in the countryside
  • Supporting a local club and the MTB scene
  • Improving my technical skills
  • having fun!