TR AT using my outside workout as a replacement for scheduled session? How to trigger it again?

I had a TR sweet spot workout scheduled today and I always do my own thing on Saturdays and skip the TR workout. However, I did a long tempo ride in zwift and it recognized it as a sweet spot workout, deleted the scheduled workout from my calendar, and scored/categorized the zwift ride just like the scheduled workout. I think I’ve seen this once before, but I’m not positive. I know I’ve had plenty of other unstructured rides (that were probably a better match to the scheduled ride) that didn’t automatically swap in like this. I’m guessing I missed any discussion of this bit of functionality on the forums and I’m way behind on podcasts. I like that I’m getting some “credit” for the workouts I’m doing, but not really sure what’s triggering it or how it works. Where can I learn more?

I assume this is a step toward AT including outside/non-structured rides, along with asking about effort on all outside rides (which I’ve been noticing for a while). If I could take an objective look at the ~3:30 ride I did today, I’d categorize it as a tempo ride (with 2 hours in tempo zone and AP and NP for the ride right in the middle of tempo). There was 45 minutes is endurance, 30 minutes in sweet spot, and 15 in threshold, so is wasn’t pure tempo and the tempo work wasn’t continuous, but much more so than sweet spot. I understand how I might get “some” credit as a SS ride, but it looks like the system just said “close enough to planned workout” and gave it the exact same SS difficulty score as the scheduled ride. I’m not complaining, it looks like progress, just wondering how it’s triggering and If I need to do something to make it do this in other cases. My tempo progression shows pretty low right now because the tempo work I do is always long unstructured stuff, but that’s probably my most trained zone right now.

I’m guessing that the ride was associated with your planned workout. You need to go in and mark it as an unplanned ride. You can do this in your calendar.

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Yeah, but how did that ride get associated and swapped in? What makes the system look at that ride and decide it should take on the attributes of the planned ride (even when the match isn’t great)? It certainly doesn’t happen every time. I didn’t do anything to make it happen, so something is happening automagically in the background. Just trying to understand what is going on here.

This seems like it would be “front and center” functionality with folks clamoring for AT to include non-TR rides. I did a quick search (and quickly scanned the AT thread) and can’t find anything, but I didn’t look that hard.

Was your ride about the same length as the planned workout? That would be my guess on when and how rides get associated. But @IvyAudrain might be able to speak to why rides are associated and what the criteria is.

I was just looking at this some more and it looks like it’s been doing it every Saturday since I started my 2023 plan in early January. It’s always just tagging the outdoor (or zwift) ride with the same sweet spot attributes as the TR session that was in the plan. The TR plan saturday rides are only 2 hours, but saturdays are my long ride days with lots of Z2. You can see below that it tagged a couple 6+ hour rides as sweet spot, which seems pretty wrong (but there was some sweet spot time in each).

And here was yesterdays (which was only 3.5 hours, but much more tempo focused rather than sweet spot)

Again this saturday, flagged my long endurance ride as the scheduled 8.5 Sweat spot. There was only 30 minutes in sweet spot/threshold combined, so I’m wondering if there is any logic at all here or it’s just grabbing the workout of the day and giving credit if I did a ride. This seems like plenty of other folks must be experiencing this, but I can’t find anything on it. Again, I might just might have missed a big announcement since I really had not trained since July, but still surprised I’ve seen no mention of it in the forums or the AT thread (which I skimmed quickly to see if anything was there). I guess I’ll call TR support next week and get the scoop if I have time. I’m not sure I’d alter anything I’m doing, but I like to understand how the system works. Time in zone shown below, there is just no way this ride should be considered sweet spot.