I Drew Pete Jonathan and Nate

Quick drawing of the trainerroad crew while watching the podcast and doing a sketchbook page. Maybe i will catch coach Chad next time.


I think you might have Nates height wrong :wink:

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haha true. My drawings always a long way off anatomically correct but I should have got that right

Its excellent :+1:

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This should get more love.


I was thinking ‘who’s Drew?’


Nate’s posture is better than that these days :slight_smile:

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I thought that exact thing! “I don’t know who this ‘Drew’ guy is, but boy, calling everyone out, this should be good.”

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This is awesome! I don’t know how I missed it the first time. :wave: @Thomas_slater Hope things are good!

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That’s serious TT/aero neck.

I think they should be on a ship, one of them beating a drum, another one with an axe, and the last with a whip. We cyclists are rowing the boat… maybe that’s a little extreme but that’s what it feels like sometimes using trainerroad.


I thought that you were in a race with Pete, Jonathan and Nate and came equal.