Kickr Core Users, using resistance mode to sprint question

Those who are using the Core, what % do you have your resistance set up when doing sprint type workouts. Below is my workout today (Bays), which is endurance+sprint. I normally use ERG mode for 95% of my training but decided to switch it up.

I have a 52/36-with an 11-28 on the Core right now. In the warm up and beginning, I was using the small ring, mid cassette at 27% to hit my watt targets. During the sprints, I would go big ring, 1 gear lower and spin up to 120+rpm. I feel as though I was spinning out and I could’ve done more but I’m wary to increase the resistance % further as I like using the small ring for training. As you can see, after the first sprint, i decided to go back into ERG mode until the 2nd sprint and still feeling like I’m spinning out.

I’ve got a 2017 Kickr and yesterday used Standard mode (level 3) for sprinting and it was somewhat like outside - more resistance the “faster” you go. Before the ramp test I used something like 36% in Resistance mode for 8-min and 20-min tests (around 85rpm and 220-250W). Both Standard and Resistance should be available on the Core.

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I’m using the desktop program and I don’t have standard mode. I did try standard mode briefly when I first got the Core but right now I only have ERG and resistance mode.

I wonder what the percentages correspond to? I.e Would 27% of resistance for the core mean that I would only get 486w (27% of 1800w max limit of the Core)

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Good question, a quick search turned up this:

Another one:

Key points:

  • Level: Choose your power curve! Just like riding on a fluid or wind trainer, the faster you go, the harder it gets. The level you select determines the progression of your power curve.
  • Resistance: Just like adjusting the brake in spin class. For those who need complete control, this allows you to set the resistance of the brake manually anywhere from 0 to 100%. Regardless of speed, resistance will remain the same until otherwise changed.

For sprinting I think you really want Standard mode. I’m using TR on my phone and connecting via Bluetooth. From TR app I can select Erg, Resistance, and Standard.

i don’t think level mode is an option on TR

Standard mode = Level mode

It is with a Bluetooth connection on my MacBook:

and via Bluetooth connection on my iPhone:

I’ve got a 2017 Kickr wheel-off, thought it had same features as the newer Kickr Core? Are you using ANT+ to connect? Or its a Windows thing?

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I have a kickr core and use a macbook, on OSX the features are definitely there for the Core.

Windows Desktop app only has Erg and resistance mode on my Kickr Core. I did a few 10 second seated sprints yesterday and found 28-30% worked okay. I started in large front ring and up about 5 rings in the rear and clicked down as needed. I think I ended up in the lowest ring in the rear at the end of 10 seconds. I also tested Erg mode and it works fairly well except the initial kick can be abrupt and I find it a little hard to maintain power (it starts fading). I plan to keep testing what works best as I do this workout once a week.

From memory, Standard mode is only available on Bluetooth and only for certain trainers. There is a TR rep comment that I can find, if needed.

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Core user but only on ERG mode so far. Once the short sprints are hard to get on power on ERG before the time ends I’ll give a try to resistance mode next time. My resistance mode by default is on 20% I think.

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Have you tried Bays in Erg? If you are able to quickly recruit a lot of muscle then it’s possible to hit the targets in Erg. I found Standard mode is better for max effort sprinting.

Thanks for the help everyone, I will play around more with the resistance % and my gearing combo.

I’m finding that in ERG mode, for many of the sprint style intervals, the wattage is too low? The text is telling me to go as hard as I can, while i’m sitting there wanting to go higher in ERG mode. The sprints in Bays are set at 180% FTP

Is the point just to be able to recruit fibers and “force stomp” or sprint like you would if you were outside?

It’s a skill you develop. Here is a recent Bays sprint in Erg mode on my KICKR 2017 (wheel off):

All 4 sprints pretty much look like that.

And here is one from this week in Standard mode (level 3) with max effort;


Below is the zoomed in image of the first sprint in Bays

Another different ‘sprint’ from last weekend’s North Pack

I think i will most likely have to practice more in that case. I think I’m just too used to ERG mode and having to hold a wattage on my own will take some work.

Those don’t look too bad.

You should try to jump on the cadence sooner and harder. That dip at the start is not desired and can largely be eliminated.

Then you can see a cadence decay at the end. That leads to a similar power drop as the trainer tries to catch up, but is not fast enough. Even of it was faster. It would likely only hurt you, since I am assuming the sprint fatigue is the reason for the cadence decline to begin with.

Make sure to hit the start with authority and be strong through the entire interval.

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