Kickr mode for micro bursts

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I grabbed a wahoo kickr this fall and have been using it in ERG mode. In general I love it, but I’m struggling with ERG mode for shorter, bursty intervals (Pierce, Spanish Needle). For me, going from 105 RPM at a working interval (say 340 w) to a resting interval results in a total spin out. I kind of expect that for ERG mode and have been trying Standard with resistance at 2 or 3 in the big ring. It mostly works great, but I tend to have to really rip on the pedals to get the flywheel moving at first which I understand is just part of the “fluid” resistance curve (and similar to riding outdoors). Still feels tough to wind it up every 15 seconds though.

Any advice on this? Would Resistance mode be better suited to micro-bursts with its linear resistance curve?

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I asked same question not long ago… I do most of my workouts in 52x16, but short bursts appear to come or fall too slow. As advised on this forum, reducing the flywheel speed seems to help. It something to do with how fast Kickr can execute commands, apparently slower flywheel speed helps with that.

This is what I was getting

Low gearing makes your flywheel spin faster and therefore have high inertia. This inertia is harder to quickly adapt to changes in wattage.

Here is a fuller explanation:

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I use the middle of my cassette and my 36 chain ring in the front and seem to have pretty good success with responsiveness in erg mode for workouts like Spanish Needle - your results will vary though

Been experimenting with my KICKR2017… Large Ring up front (52) and middle-ish on the back… this is the result from doing 30/30’s…

Yes I push the power on startup… so ignore that… look at the lag when dropping off… I was getting the same thing with the Small Ring…

Will be doing another 30/30 tonight and will be using the Small Ring up front to see if its any different and report back!

This makes a lot of sense. Going to see how ERG feels while pushing the small ring, high gear (I’ve tried small ring, middle of cassette before but that was way back before I knew how to keep ERG steady).

Anyone try these workouts with Standard / Resistance mode?

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I use a small ring/gear combo for microburst workouts in ERG mode and it’s worked fine. The flywheel doesn’t spin as fast and you have a chance to catch it (flywheel) during the rest interval. Microbursts using big ring/gear combo in ERG mode just doesn’t work. The flywheel spins way too fast and you need to have a very fast cadence to catch the next interval.


Kickr 2017 in Erg with 53x15 gearing and 90-105rpm. When going from end of work interval (high watts at 95-105rpm) to rest interval (low watts at 90rpm), it takes about 5-10 seconds of light spinning for the fast spinning flywheel to slow enough for pedals to catch up again at 90rpm.

I haven’t done any microburst intervals like Spanish Needle, time will tell but right now I think it will be straightforward to do them in a large gear.


Tomorrow morning I get to experience Spanish Needle!
Will a Kikr Core react fast enough in erg mode to be the preferred setting?

tagging along to look for future tips

I did Spanish Needle yesterday on Elite Zumo on a big ring in Erg and tbh it worked pretty well, that’s only 15/15 though so the rest interval is short, there were times when I wasnt engaging the gear but tbh that didn’t detract from the interval.

I really ought to try doing this type of work on a smaller gear to use the effect of flywheel speed more efficiently but I like the feel of the big ring.

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Have done 15/15 recently. In the erg mode they are…strange. Level mode was perfect (50/18, cadence around 100-110). Recently i am big fan of a level mode because it works in every scenario.

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Level mode at 2 or 3 ?

Tried 1 and 3. I like 3 more.

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Level Mode??

In trainerroad it is called standard mode, wahoo calls it level. So basically non-linear, exponential power to speed curve that controls trainer.

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