Humbling experience in build phase

So just a nice experience I wanted to share with the community:

Finished week 6 or general build LV. Felt pretty eager to finish the program so instead of taking the recommended recovery day I jumped right into San Joaquin+3 to start week 7 the next day.

Coming off Kaweah+1 which is a tough 90 min threshold workout I just had nothing, I only made it to the third 50 sec burst and realized my mistake. Gave up and tried to do a 30 min workout with some big efforts and failed that too.

Took a couple days off and eat well, slept well, did some light exercise like walking and stretching,

Came back to the workout tonight and crushed it! Tough but never in doubt, hit every segment 100%.

2 lessons here:

Trust the plan, don’t be prideful and try to rush or the workouts won’t go well.

If you follow the plan properly you should have good results.

Sometimes it is good to fail a workout. You can assess why you failed and make changes to do better next time. Just because you failed workout A on Monday doesn’t mean you cannot crush it 100% on Wednesday


As Frank from Fascat would say, “FTFP”
(Follow the freakin’ plan.) :stuck_out_tongue:

Good lesson whenever you learn it. :smiley: