Training Today + Apple Watch = Whoop Killer

Stumbled onto this app that basically does what Whoop does without the subscription.

It’s called Training Today (‎Training Today on the App Store)

I’ve been using it the last week and it’s been spot on. Cost right now is 50% off so around $10. Very happy with it.

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Can one get the fullest out of an apple watch if that’s the only piece of Apple tech you own?

Depends on what you want to do

No you need an iPhone as well

Does the HRV value the same as what sown in apple health? Or does it filter out daytime data?

I used a Whoop for about a year, and learned a lot, but couldn’t justify a second years subscription

I was going to get another Fenix, but I got a Apple Watch for free through Vitality (not really, but get so many points I’ve not paid anything on my loan for the watch in 5 months of having it) and I’ve been using TrainToday, and the great thing about the AW, also HRV4Training (which can export to intervals) and Autosleep to look at my HRV, found using all three to be really interesting, TT is more automatic, but doesn’t pick up on the HRV being high means that I am tired, and just gives me a high recovery score. So I trust HRV4Training a little more as that spots that the HRV is above my normal range, even though I have to press some buttons when I first wake up, TT is giving me a 10 today, when I am a little sore, HRV4 is telling me to follow intensity, but listern to body

All good though, love that you can have more than one analysis programme running at any one point

Have a vivosmart on the other wrist, body battery is a waste of time (on that)

So that’s one condition that many can’t meet. Even so I’ve got a whoop sub through October at which point I’m almost certain to switch to a Garmin device of some sort likely a Vivosmart 5 as it’s similar in size and functionality to whoop for less than an annual subscription.

So I’m considering upgrading to maybe the garmin forerunner 955 for all the health status features like training readiness, hrv status, acute training load, etc.

I just don’t want to pay a subscription fee for whoop.