Apple Watch recovery monitoring

Is there any good recovery monitoring app for Apple Watch? Some Whoop alternative?

Currently I’m using AutoSleep

I’m interested in this. I use sleepcycle to track sleep quality and Cronometer for intake.

Apple DOES collect HRV data (which whoop uses), but i haven’t come across a Watch app that exploits this data.

TrainToday gives a rating score based on HRV but have no idea as to its validity

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Just look in Health under Heart

I’ve used TrainingToday. It’s hard to compare with Whoop if honest. Whoop generates one recovery score a day but TrainingToday is constantly updating.
From my understanding taking hrv readings can be very variable depending on what activity you’ve just done so I was never sure how reliable it was.

Seeing the data is one thing. An app that uses HRV data, activity data, sleep data, et al. to provide clear, simple indicators of recovery levels (ala Whoop) is another. Seems like this is a market waiting to be exploited.


The HeartWatch iOS app is the best I’ve found so far.

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HRV4Training. Wake up, use the Breathe app for one minute, and then launch HRV4Training on your iPhone and answer a few questions.

I’m trying this again, previously I tried with a chest strap and it was a pain. Much easier to capture HRV upon waking with the Watch.


Ive been using Training Today but thinking about giving HRV4training a shot

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Check out Athlytic. I’ve found it to be pretty darn accurate for me. Other options are Training Today, HRV4TRAINING, Auto Sleep readiness, or just monitoring the raw values of your HRV in the Health app.


Go for it :slight_smile:

Personally I don’t think the data you’re talking about is reliable for making training decisions on. Everyone wants a fatigue score, a readiness to train score, so the free market economy provides one but it doesn’t exist. If you feel too tired - don’t train, it’s that simple in my opinion.


I use training today…

Though I get your point, IMHO, it’s not that simple. Because TODAY you will not know how you will feel IN A WEEK. Though these apps give you day-to-day stats, fatigue accumulates (like repeated overreaching, overtraining, train burnout). So pushing too hard today may mean failing VO2 or threshold in a week. So even if I feel relatively fresh tomorrow or the day after, there may still be residual fatigue that I carry with me when I keep training training training.

To me personally, it helps a lot to monitor data and discover patterns, and adjust from there.

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I use training today. It sure I’ve quite got it dialled in and can’t say the ‘score’ accurately reflects how I feel some days. But I think by messing around a bit more I might get it more accurate for me. It does encourage me to take a HRV reading more regularly and check in on things which is no bad thing…

Does anyone use an Apple Watch Series 6 with the Blood Oxygen monitoring? Supposedly some kind of poor man’s VO2 metric, but I’m not sure.

Wondering if anyone has one and if it produces any useful information for cyclists.