Figuring out the right fitness tracking setup, getting real complicated!

Hi folks,
Posting in case maybe someone had a similar setup and has better solutions. I use TR, do outdoor rides and also a whole bunch of non-bike stuff (moto, snowboarding etc.). I also like to geek out on HRV and HR and sleep data. That I do mostly with Oura ring (

How do I bring my training load and HRV/HR/Sleep data to one place? And what would that one place be so I can do some meaningful analysis?

I was thinking TrainingPeaks would be it. Oura now supports syncing to Google Fit for Android devices. That one doesn’t sync to TP. Okay, there’s that can sync GF to TP. Cool, now I get (somewhat limited, but Ok) sleep and HR/HRV data to TP.

Then I set up TR to sync workouts to TP.

Then outdoor rides… Strava no longer supports power meters via phone app, so fine I use Wahoo and upload to TP, so that’s cool. Oh but TR doesn’t import workouts from TP… fine, set up Wahoo to upload to Strava too so I can get those workouts to TR. Not strictly needed but I think handy.

Now I have most of the stuff in one place (TP) and a good copy of anything with power data in TR.

Question is, where do I enter my non-power based training load? TR doesn’t sync those from TP nor it will post them to TP. I won’t have patience to manually enter into both. Seems like I’m forced to just use TP as an aggregator and then the super handy TSS chart in TR will be inaccurate and useless, and I have to pay for TP subscription, is that’s where it’s at?

Maybe there’s a feature in the works to be able to sync sleep and HR/HRV data into TR from various sources? Or maybe I’m just missing something obvious?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

I think you’ll find many people (myself included) rely on TP to actually track everything. I’d love for TR to cover all my bases, but as you said, their super handy TSS chart is useless because it doesn’t integrate my total training load.

So, yeah, as far as I know, that’s where we’re at.