Feature Request - wearable integration that upon waking up can tell you if you are ready for Carpathian Peak +3 or better sub it for Pettit

Hi Folks:

Been learning a bit of data science/machine learning and thought wouldn’t it be cool to have the integration between wearables and training plan adjustments. This has definitely been the biggest unknown for me – when I wake up feeling a bit off, without a coach how do I decide if I’m ready for that big session.

More importantly, even if I can do it (just because I can, doesn’t mean I should right?) will I get the intended benefit or will I confine myself to the bed?

I’ve been observing this disconnect between data collection companies (apple watch, garmin, strava) and training providers (TR, coaches). Wouldn’t it be neat to feed your biometrics into a machine learning platform that could give you a predictive answer on whether you should keep training on that day or better off with one day off?

I understand that this takes the “human” out of training, which to be honest I am quite fond of anyways. But for data geeks/scientists/machine learning professionals out there – wouldn’t this be a great thing to build? (instead of relying on human judgement, which is inherently flawed…)



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Google Whoop :slight_smile:

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well aware of whoop - it takes into account of your sleep, strain and recovery. To my understanding it uses predominantly your HRV data and use machine learning to see if you are out of whack so to speak. Problem is it doesn’t know your training program, it only knows your reactions to it. And it doesn’t connect to your training platforms, does it?

HRV4Training links to Strava (to understand your training and TSS) and measures the HRV to give you suggestions re how to proceed with the training :slight_smile:

I would love a bit more integration with TrainerRoad: for example to avoid having to go fetch the previous workout TSS manually every time (First World problems, I know), or to fetch the data back (HRV4Training uploads to a series of platforms) and infer the appropriate course of action…

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my polar vantage watch does just this.

Getting the box of popcorn ready for the upcoming debate about the effectiveness of HRV.


I think his feature request is being missed by some of you pointing him towards devices that do this thing.

Perhaps I’ve misunderstood, but I believe that @timenoway is suggesting that TR should integrate with those platforms to pull that data in and automatically adjust your plan based on your recovery levels.

Therefore, saying that whoop or various garmin and polar devices can do this is missing the point - the value is in tying these metrics and data in to your training plan and dynamically adjusting it

All that said - maybe I’ve missed the requested feature and completely misunderstood what is being requested.

lol indeed. I haven’t been following the debate but I have it on good authority that TR doesn’t see HRV as something that can be used to predict athletic performance

You mean like Johnathon’s podcast comment about a researcher who has worked with it for years and does not see it being a valid indicator?

yeah that, he also chatted a bit about it on a group ride recently, I think the main gist is that it’s hard to use HR performance to predict day to day stuff, which is totally true.

Yes @trpnhntr I think you are getting it right. I’m not suggesting that wearables that can measure or do suggestions are lacking right now. It’s actually the opposite. But the ability to link it directly to your training/racing I think is lacking…

Would love to have hrv4training integration to get a better sense of how worn out I am and influence the training plan