How would you categorize the Wilmington Whiteface MTB race

U am signed up for the Leadville qualifier Wilmington Whiteface 100 in early June. I think it is around 112km and has around 7k of climbing and lots of road and dirt road like Leadville. I want to use plan builder to setup my training for this race. I am trying decide if I should call this race and Marathon XC, climbing road race or Century.

Pros finish the race in 4 hours and a 8 hour time will make you eligible to for the lottery drawing for Leadville after the race.

My second A race will be Iceman in November and I will designate it as a rolling road race for the purpose of plan builder. All of my other races will be C races composing 60 mileish gravel races and shorter MTB races.

Raced it last year - not following a TR plan. Planning on going back again this year to try and better my time.

Doing SSBI & II - Sustained Power Build - Century based on recommendations here, the podcast, and experience. Climbs are long and keep going.