2024 Wilmington/Whiteface 100k MTB Race

Gonna give this a whirl this year. I have only ever raced enduro, so I’m sure this will be quite an experience. I’ll be running my Revel Ranger. Not quite sure about tire choice yet. I typically run a DHF and a Dissector because I tend to ride the Ranger in pretty rowdy terrain when I need a break from my enduro rig, or I just want to climb faster. I was thinking for this maybe a Rekon in front and a Rekon Race in back, as I’m a little nervous about something like an Aspen being a little too sketchy from a traction standpoint on singletrack.

I’d like to shoot for sub 5.5 hrs, which should be well within my wheelhouse.

Any recs on hydration vests?

Anyone else going or been before that has any tips?

website: https://www.wilmingtonmtb.com/

course profile: Garmin Connect

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I’m planning on being there.

Hydration vests I like the USWE outlander pro, or the new race looks like small improvements.

Singletrack isn’t bad, I’ve run Race Kings in the past and will run them again.

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Right on!

I was looking at the USWE Rush 8. I like the idea of having some extra storage for a tool, tubolito, and some co2, as opposed to using a frame bag. Plus some extra snacks hah.

How was your experience at the race in the past?

I have raced this one (old course) wish I could make it back up again for the race, one of my favorites. I was on Ikons but would have felt comfortable on Aspens. Vast majority of the course is either gravel or road, a regular Rekon would be a little slow IMHO.

The race starts fast, breaks up a for the first gravel climb, then gets fast again as you make your way to the Styles Brook climb. After that you get some good chunky, punchy gravel towards Blueberry XC stuff, turn around and head back. If you can be with a group heading into and out of the Hardy Road XC you will save a bunch of time.

Wonderful location if you have never been, wish my schedule would allow me to get up for the race again.

@jwellford is local and would be a great resource!


I personally don’t need the extra space to carry stuff. I use a small frame or seat pack, jersey and cargo bib pockets, so still prefer the lighter weight “Race” USWE’s. I think a small frame pack / seat pack will weigh less than the weight difference of the packs IIRC…

It’s a great event, fun course. There’s very little about it that’s all that technical, although some of the descents are faster and much longer (jeep roads) than you usually run into on the east coast. I watched a guy crash right in front of me on one of the descents - so you want to have your wits about you.

In terms of tires, I would prioritize lighter weight and less rolling resistance, but I personally also run lightweight Inserts.

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From Last Year: I took it easier than if I was really racing it, stopped with the dude who crashed, and took a little extra time in the aid stations. But, gives you an idea of course, climbs, speeds, etc.




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I appreciate all the replys and beta!

I ordered some Aspens and the Outlander Pro.

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I’ve done this race many times. You want the fastest tires you can find. Since I don’t have an XCish bike, I ride it on my gravel bike. It’s a bit slow in the single track and on the downhills, but totally rideable w 45mm tires. Even aggressive gravel tires are pretty tame compared to any XC MTB tire.

Tip for the event if you aren’t racing for a placing (in which case you need to stick with the faster riders in packs for drafting): the “race” doesn’t really start until you finish blueberry trails at the half-way mark. If you’ve pushed and are feeling tired at that point, you are in really trouble. So I look at that first half as a long warm up. No heroics on those first climbs. Don’t waste energy surging to pass people. Just do your pace and slow my pass them if/when needed.

Enjoy the event! If you see a tall guy on a Ti Why gravel bike, say hi!


Right on, Tony! I’ll keep a look out for you. I’m definitely not pushing for a top result, but sub 5:30 and somehwere in the mix in 40-49 would be nice. So, the plan is to make sure I pace well and don’t blow up by half way.

I also just found out there is no camping on site which is kind of a bummer, but looks like theres a few campgrounds close by. All I need is a place to park my van really as I’ll be sleeping in it.

The KOA is near the start line (assuming same start as last year in town or even all the other years at whiteface). Haven’t stayed at that location since they moved from the old one around the corner but did ride through it last year and it looks totally fine. That’s where I’d stay if we were camping.

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What a day that was! I finished in 5:38 with 220w normalized, so just shy of my goal. But I’ll take it.

Near the beginning of the race myy buddy got cut off on a paved turn at the bottom of a hill. Him and the other guy crashed. Other guy was super pissed off and yelling at my buddy in French, so buddy just took off. Bridged back up to the main chase group and was taking a pull at the front of the line, doing like 400 watts and going close to 30mph. French dude chased him down, came up the pace line and SHOVED my buddy off his bike into a ditch. He was in the puppy paws aero position, so he had zero control and went flying. He is super banged up but still finished in 4:55.

Absolutely insane!


That’s disgusting behavior, hope your friend is ok.

What a brutal day, I used my gravel bike since, well, I haven’t owned an MTB in 17 years. Some of the descents were sketchy on 40mm tires, road bars and no suspension, my legs were pumped coming down the backside of Jay. Was overgeared for the climbs also, a 36T rear was not enough.
Still, had a blast generally, even with cramp in the last 15-20km, managed to actually drop a few folks in the singletrack, the old XCO skills are still there.


I hope the rider was reported. Terrible.


He was reported by my buddy and 5 other people who saw it.



In other news, Adaptive Training is giving me 2 red days and a yellow day LOL. Feels about right, my body is smashed today.

Overall went really well for me despite being a “C” event at the tail end of a 3 week block. Finished in ~5:04 which was a solid 40+ minutes faster than last year, and was faster everywhere I looked (Descents and Singletrack as well as the climbs)

I still think I pace a little too conservatively because I had gas in the tank at the end and was passing people steadily for the entire second half, I think sometime I’m going to have to blow myself up to see how hard I can actually go :rofl:

Great event, year three for me and I’m a fan…


Wow, nice work man!

I feel like I maybe went a little too chill in the first half. I also was pretty uncomfortable in the huge pack at the start. It was my first time experiencing something like that, so I got passed a lot and backed off quite a bit.

I passed a lot of people on the first big descent and at the Blueberry singletrack. Then steadily picked people off all the way back which felt pretty good. About halfway through Hardy I started feeling pretty gassed and my triceps were killing me! But I was able to put in a good 10 min sweetspot effort plus a sprint to the finish.

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Thanks - was a fun day. I’m convinced people go out waaaayyy too hot. I was getting passed a lot until things settled out towards the top of the second big climb up Luke Glen road. Maybe 1 person passed me going down into the entrance of the Blueberry trails, a couple while I was stopped at the aid station for 2 minutes, but all those people paid for it from there on out. I wouldn’t be surprised if I passed 30+ people from there.

Results are posted here, but not linked to the website yet.

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