How to Win and Lose at the Same Time - Race Analysis


We have a bunch more in the queue to knock out, but please let us know if you guys have any feedback on something we could improve!


Great stuff. I love the comment about attacking when the weak rider is finishing the pull and also the tip about cornering line selection when you are going to sprint from the front :+1:t4:

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Are you guys using the same technique that Jeff Linder uses to make the videos, with Dashware and Adobe Premier Pro? Just curious. I’ve found the Virb Edit SW to be a pain to sync my garmin data with gopro video, to the point that I finally bought a Virb 30 in hopes that will be easier. (I’m not adding narration to my videos, just want to have the video for my own post-race analysis.)

We’re using Davinci Resolve to put the video together and do the PiP and then Garmin Virb Edit for the data. One tip is to make sure the “beep” of when your Garmin stops record is on video. The data should go to “—” when that happens. They you just line that up and you’re good to go.

Cool–thanks! So you can use Davinci Resolve to put all of the clips together, and then you just need to line up the garmin file once with the video? That would simplify life soooo much! I will give this a go with the latest footage I took.

That’s exactly right.

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Jonathan’s MTB race as next one :+1:t3:

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Hey Nate,

Had a somewhat ‘hard to answer’ question from this race. A local guy ended up pulling the pack behind the breakout. He is about your height and ftp, and watching the race from sidelines you looked a bit more aero with skinsuit and bike setup. By the way, you are dialed in on that bike!

Curious about any thoughts you might have comparing the two Strava files, here is yours:

and his:


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Only thing I could ask Nate and Pete is to post them when you process them. This is an incredible resource for us wannabes or for those of us that are learning to race through you all. It really is eye opening and educational for us and am looking forward to as many as possible as it seems we’ve been waiting a few months for these to come out. But I totally understand the delays with real life and everything else you are doing.

Thanks again Nate and Pete and all. Totally awesome!


Which rider was it and what power meter were they using? Do you have a link to their power file on TR? It’s hard to tell from jus this Strava graph.

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That’s my fault. I haven’t setup a good process to really get these out. Pete and I recorded 5 of them and we have a good 6 more after that.

Yup, like I said a difficult question to answer… Don’t know if he is on TR, or his power meter. Use 562060 on event search.

No fault at all here Nate. This is above and beyond! A huge value added. Quite addictive!

Thank you for providing this to us!!!

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Well, my computer doesn’t play nicely with Davinci Resolve. After spending waaaayyyyy too much time on it, I realized I could use the MS Movie Maker to just connect all of the clips together and then import it into Virb Edit. Since I’m not doing all of the fancy narration, this does what I need. I may return the Virb 30 when it arrives, since this seems to work well.

BTW, yes, having some known point in the video to match with the .fit file definitely helps. I’ve been making sure I record a turn off the course that I can easily find, but the beep would be another good way to sync. Now that there’s only the need to sync one point for the whole video rather than one per segment, this is soooo much easier!!!

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