How does TrainerRoad edit their crit videos?

Hey folks. I like the simplicity with which you build narration videos. It looks like you are using a video player to live-edit while you talk. I’m hoping to use a similar strategy to make video narrations of race videos easier. What software are you using to record the video player? How do you guys stitch together the audio and speed/power data?

This is a clue.

  • Proficiency with Davinci Resolve or similar video editing software

I think it was mentioned elsewhere in the group too, but can’t find it right now. I do seem to remember Garmin’s Virb software being mentioned for the data overlay as well.

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We’ve done it a few different ways.

  1. Use quicktime to play the video and camtasia to record the screen. You get the lowest video quality that way.
  2. Do the above, then splice in the original video so you get higher video quality.

I like camtasia for video editing. Jonathan likes davinci resolve


Thanks folks. I’m going to try the Camtasia route. I just got Garmin Virb Edit to work for one of my videos and wrote up a script. :slight_smile: I’m hoping this will help my team out a bit.