Trimming a race

Since I got a Garmin 265 it records run power. Trouble is when I do a triathlon it records it as a multisport event, which mean trainrroad gives me a bunch of prs thinking I can hold 400w for 90. So is there a way to split the bike and run inside trainrroad? I don’t want that the ML thinking I’m 7w/kg rider!

There’s probably an easier way, but (keeping the original) I’ve cropped of the run in Strava. Randomised the Original ID in Combine FIT, GPX, CSV or TCX files for Garmin or Strava. Merge Heart Rate Power and GPS , Uploaded it to Strava then cropped off the bike part to leave the run.

Doesnt the watch record it as three different disciplines? My old 910 used to record it as swim, transition, bike, transition, run…but you had to hit 'lap" after swim and leaving transition etc…

Sorry if I wasn’t clear, Garmin records it as one event that you can than brake it down to the 3 sports plus 2 transitions but Strava shows it as 5 separate events. Obviously trainrroad is prioritising data from Garmin over Strava, so maybe I just block trainrroad from sync with Garmin?

I just bought myself a 255 and I had been frustrated by the way that TR pulls through the workouts on Triathlons anyway, so I am definitely looking forward to yet another frustration about the inability to separate out the workouts into parts!

Hey @cbandyxxx!

If the Garmin file makes it to TR before the Strava one does, then TR will bring in the entirety of the event as one file because that’s how Garmin records it.

The easiest solution here is to do as you mentioned, disconnect Garmin Connect from TR in Activity Sync and only let the files from Strava sync over to TR as they break down the file into different events. This way, only the Bike and Run files will automatically upload to TR.

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