How to use TrainerRoad outside with an app instead of a cycle computer?

Hello everyone,

I’m using my phone mounted to my handlebars in combination with an app like Strava or Wahoo Fitness as a budget alternative to a proper cycle computer.

I set up TrainerRoad outside like it is described here and tried to sync it to my iOs Wahoo Fitness app, but I wasn’t able to access the workout for today.
Is there another iOs app, that supports TrainerRoad outside or is Wahoo Fitness generally working with TrainerRoad outside, but I set it up the wrong way?


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If you have a power meter then can’t you just use the normal TrainerRoad app ?

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If you’re mounting your phone to your handlebars, your best option will be to run the standard TrainerRoad iOS app while training outdoors.

While not technically an “outside ride” app, when you take the standard app outside that’s what it effectively becomes :wink:.


Don’t use a KOM Garmin mount outside. I learned this lesson the hard way… the tough days before outdoor workouts!

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I just look at the workout on the outside tab, write it on a piece of paper and tape it to my top tube. Just as good of a workout without the risk of my phone getting damaged.

@Bryce, surely would be nice if some GPS recording be anabled so you don’t have to run Strava or Wahoo in the background. Or some Level of integration between these third parties and TR app for outside workouts.

Just hope you don’t already have agreements not create a form of competition to the Wahoo head units…

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Ah I understand. Unfortunately, this is not on the roadmap at the moment since a majority of our users complete their outside rides on dedicated head units.

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Thanks for all the replies!

I did my first indoor season on my new Kickr Core. Because of the fitness gains, I decided to buy a power meter for the outdoor season, but hadn’t install it yet to my bike. So I was unaware of the combination of power meter and the TrainerRoad app for an outside ride. Thanks for the clarification!

Oh man, sorry to hear that. I use a Topeak ridecase together with the center mount. I’m satisfied with its performance, altough a proper head unit is, in my opinion, the better solution regarding battery life in the long run. On the other hand, I prefered to invest my money in an indoor trainer and 4 months later into a power meter and stick to my phone mounted to the handlebar. 300$+ for the better battery life is not the best bang for your buck to me.

@Bryce and @NervousNinja:

some Level of integration between these third parties and TR app for outside workouts

would also be appreciated from my side. Because, like i wrote above, the purchase of a proper head unit is the least attractive to me in comparison to a power meter or an indoor trainer. This would, in my opinion, create a lower threshold for beginners on a budget to engage in outside training with TrainerRoad, instead of cancelling the subscription during the outside season. But I’m also not aware how much manpower you need to implement such a feature.

So, my conclusion for the budget rider with a power meter and a phone mounted to the handlebars, who wants to do structured training outside, is to use the TrainerRoad app for the intervals and run Wahoo Fitness (allows to record HR from a Bluetooh HR-monitor) for GPS and HR data in the background. Later on, you can upload the Wahoo fitness recording to Strava.

Thanks again!