TrainerRoad with Power Meter Pedals and Wahoo Bolt (Holiday without the bike/trainer)

I am going out of town for the holidays to visit my girlfriend’s family and as opposed to bringing my bike and trainer I figured I could just bring my Wahoo Bolt and my Wahoo Powerlnk Zero pedals which I can install on their Peloton bike. I figure one option is to just set my TR workouts to outdoors and follow the power instructions and just upload the workout/ride from my Bolt to Strava which then syncs to TR.

I also wonder if I can do a TR workout directly without a trainer, just power meter and heart rate monitor?

Ultimately I am trying to figure out the cleanest way to be able to record my TR workouts with a trainer but with my power meter pedals and a Peloton/spin bike.

Yes, no doubt about it.

Pair the pedals & HR to the app, then load a regular TR workout on the app. You are effectively using a “dumb trainer”. You set your resistance manually in the way the P bike allows.

It is parallel to anyone with a bike and power meter on simple rollers or a dumb fluid trainer that shifts the bike to hit high and low power targets.


If your power meter pedals support Bluetooth then you can just connect them to your phone/iPad/laptop and record with the app.

Otherwise the outdoor workout with your wahoo should work too!

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Easy enough, thank you!

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