Feature Request - Link Trainer Road with Wahoo App

I am trying to setup a workout for tomorrow to ride outside. It is sprint based with intervals recovery etc.

To do this you need to have a premium Training Peaks or Todays plan account.

I pay for Trainer Road and the analytics section has somewhat made training peaks redundant. Each workout is pushed to the headunit via the Wahoo Companion Smart Phone App. I would love this functionality on Trainer Road.

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Their answer is ‘use strava’.

Edit: I failed to read the question.

How exactly?

I thought it was asking how to get it into TP. That’s what I get for not reading close enough.

To clarify it would be great if you could create the workout or send the daily workout direct to the Wahoo Element / Bolt head unit via the app.

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Ahead of this, if you use your Wahoo head unit each time you perform a TrainerRoad workout you can then turn that into a workout that can be followed outside with your Wahoo. Obviously means you can only do workouts outside you’ve already done inside but worth bearing in mind.

@philrcook does this really work…if so you just made my DAY. <3
Will try it out on friday (indoor day)