Sync outside training back to TrainerRoad - only with Strava?

I pushed a workout today to my Wahoo. Now I can see that it has synced back to Trainerroad via Strava. Is that the only way? I thought it would be Wahoo would be sync it instead.
Thanks, Álvaro

Mine syncs back in from Strava and Garmin Connect. Lol, when it done it for this morning the Garmin Connect ride in the garage (no miles) overloaded the Strava/RGT ride with virtual miles.

Unfortunately, yes. You have to go through Strava if you’re on Wahoo AFAIK, I’m afraid.

Yes the sync with Wahoo is only one way to push the outside workout to the device. Completed activities are not pushed back to TrainerRoad.
Would love it to be two way so I could drop Strava; only have it to feed TrainerRoad.

Thanks for your answer!