How to stay fit with a fractured elbow and foot inflammation?

Fractured my elbow a few weeks ago mountain biking (bike was ok) and while the ortho said it’s healing well, I can’t bear any weight yet. I ran a half marathon last Sunday and began to feel a strange pain near my right knee at mile 8 and decided that a great solution would be to let my left leg take the load. I finished the race with a medal, a PR, and the inability to bear much weight on my left foot (potential peroneal tendonitis). :grimacing:

My priority is healing 100% but is there any exercise I can do besides abs? I did an ab routine on Monday and I’m still feeling it

Is your cast waterproof? (Assuming you didn’t have surgery and your ortho would clear this. Ie no external fixation or surgical incisions) You can do water running. Go to the deep end of the pool and use a waist flotation belt and “run” without touching the bottom. You can get a good low impact workout for you legs. It’s what I have my patients who are runners with stress fractures do.(I’m a sports med doc)

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Hey Doc, thanks for the reply. I did not need a cast thankfully, I just had to immobilize my arm with a sling. Luckily the the fracture was tiny (radial head I believe). I’m going to look into these belts because not getting any form of exercise has been brutal. Thank you again!

Even try calling your Rec center to see if they have the belts. The community rec centers I use have some of those belts available in bins next to kick boards etc. I think they use em for aquatic exercise classes etc.

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Definitely. Thank you doc. What do you think about doing an easy spin inside with one foot? I’d only be putting weight on one arm as well due to the elbow.