Post-injury Outdoor Riding

Hello -I broke my elbow (olecranon) in early November, had surgery (plate & screws), and I have been rehabbing since then. I ride 3-4 times a week on the trainer in varying intensities. It’s been almost a month since I started holding handlebars with both hands.

I am hoping to get cleared for outside activities in a few weeks. I regained most of the range of motion. What is everyone’s experience who had a similar injury? Anything that I should be paying attention to. I don’t think I’ll be racing or doing hot group rides this year. I just want to stay healthy and get the fitness back to where it was (or hopefully close) pre-crash. It will be super weird riding outside after such a long time. Thanks in advance for your tips and advice.

I suffered a fracture dislocation of the shoulder last May and also had plate and screws. I was off the bike for about three months and had to cancel my entire season (4x 70.3 and 1x 140.6). I have rescheduled everything for this year and am now working towards them. I’m back running and have recently started gentle swimming again. I was off the bike for two months and have eased myself back in gently; I’ve stuck to working on the trainer and I don’t see any benefit yet of riding outside. I think I’ll start that when the winter is showing signs of ending. From my perspective I’ll wait until there is something to be gained from riding outside, and I don’t think I’m there yet. Lots more stress on the joint from riding on the road - vibration through the arm, potholes (certainly here in UK) - if you aren’t racing or doing competitive rides what would you gain?

I don’t have first-hand experience… Two friends who have had serious shoulder injuries told me the vibration is a killer. I would imagine the elbow would also suffer with said vibration.

So , if you ride outside, maybe try and go for smoother roads?