Injury recovery. broke my wrist

I recently broke my wrist while riding in Girona, Spain.
I was just wondering how other people have handled injuries that prevent you from riding outside. I’m currently in Denver. I do have a bike trainer and could ride indoors, but the thought of that does not seem appealing given that it is summer.

What are some things that you’d recommend doing while recovering from an injury to try and maintain what little fitness you had to begin with?

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If you want to maintain your fitness (safely), your only option is to ride inside unfortunately.

Anything you do outside (run, hike, whatever) will help minimize bike fitness loss, but will not maintain it.


Spend some time on the trainer and in a couple months you should at least be good for a second at the TdF.

I am going to second Power13’s recommendation, get used to your trainer for a while. it just isn’t worth adding months to your recovery for a what little gain you get from risking it.


Safer to ride inside for sure.
Outside is more fun but can be hazardous.
First day after Achilles surgery I broke my cast. Caught hell from my doctor.
Was just trying to have some fun.

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Nice one :rofl: :clap: :+1: