How to shorten an 8 week specialty phase down to 6 weeks?

I have an upcoming B event which falls exactly at the end of my Build phase. Then there is a gap of 6 weeks until my A event. It makes sense to me to fit the Specialty phase in between the two, but how should I “adjust” the 8 week Specialty plan down to 6 weeks?
Option 1: Skip the 3rd and 7th week of the specialty phase, so I still get the recovery week and the taper.
Option 2: Skip the last two weeks and do the A event at the end of week 6; worried about having no taper.
Option 3: Skip the first two weeks and start at week 3.
Any thoughts and advice welcome! :smile:

Sounds like you have a plan already, I look to remove the lower TSS weeks and add a taper week, which I guess similar to your Option 1 if week 3 and 7 are the lower weeks.