How to see time in SS?

My Wahoo and Strava both have [time in zoneX] but SS is the top of 3 and bottom of 4. So knowing how much time I spent in 3+4 doesn’t really tell me how much time I was actually in SS. The more I workout outside, the more I want to know how well I’m doing at staying in the target zones. I do my best to adjust when I see that I’ve drifted too high or too low but I’d like to have strict accounting for how well I did.

Does anybody have a way to see time in SS for a given ride? I’m looking to avoid something hokey like customizing my zones so that SS is a discrete zone. has that and more, for individual rides as well as weekly and seasonal totals:

ETA: With respect to TR, you can view times & percentages in the actual “Power Zones” section of any workout in the TR calendar:



During the ride, or after?
After, you can use TR analysis or use as the two above have suggested.

During, I’m not aware of much other than changing your zone ranges in Garmin/Wahoo, but I’ve switched to HH Karoo.

note, I would just define the zones that are most useful to me in whatever head unit I use. I don’t like the TR zone model or the 7-zone model at all. I’m using 5 zones right now…