Feature Request: Time in Zone Graphs

Potentially low priority feature request but since we know not all TSS is equal, I find a lot of value in quickly understanding how much time (percentage) of a workout is in each training zone. Same for a training week.





Would be nice to have in one place.

+1, this would be great for more analytics-driven people :slight_smile:

Cool! Passing along to the team! Even if not ‘high priority’ as a fix or anything, would definitely be a great tool. Thanks for bringing it up!

I like the overview of the weekly TSS graph on the home screen. It will also be great to see the time in training zones (endurance…tempo…vo2, etc.) in a similar view. For example, it will be great to see how much time I spent in Endurance zone (and the other zones) for a given week. Therefore you can see over weeks, how your training stack-up and how often you do high intensity etc. You can consider having the user select either TSS graph or the Zone’s graph, on the home screen.

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