Feature Request: Time in Zone Graphs

Potentially low priority feature request but since we know not all TSS is equal, I find a lot of value in quickly understanding how much time (percentage) of a workout is in each training zone. Same for a training week.





Would be nice to have in one place.

+1, this would be great for more analytics-driven people :slight_smile:

Cool! Passing along to the team! Even if not ‘high priority’ as a fix or anything, would definitely be a great tool. Thanks for bringing it up!

I like the overview of the weekly TSS graph on the home screen. It will also be great to see the time in training zones (endurance…tempo…vo2, etc.) in a similar view. For example, it will be great to see how much time I spent in Endurance zone (and the other zones) for a given week. Therefore you can see over weeks, how your training stack-up and how often you do high intensity etc. You can consider having the user select either TSS graph or the Zone’s graph, on the home screen.

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something happened with this? For me it is not a minor issue, it is very helpful when it comes to matching the training sessions that are done outside with those scheduled for TR. The hassle of manually calculating times from the graphs is avoided, which is very tedious. We should have these graphs, it is something very basic in any training platform.

Thank you, no update currently. I’ve communicated this to the team as a feature request again with your feedback. :+1:

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Just wanted to add that your specific use for time-in-zone graphs will be addressed by Workout Levels V2. Your outside workouts and even unstructured rides will receive appropriate credit in a Progression Level change for each relevant zone built upon during that ride.

More info to come, we’ll be sure to provide updates on the forum as they become available!


Intervals.icu does it for you

intervals does the job in the activities I do outside. What is required is that the time in each training zone is detailed in the TR worksouts in order to make the best possible match with the training done outside.

It also helps to have this information prior to doing the TR training so you know what to expect.