Time in Power Zone DURING a Ride

When riding outside, is there a way to see accumulated time in a specific power zone DURING a ride? For example, I might want to accumulate 90 minutes of z3 during a 3 hour ride. It does not matter “where” in the workout the z3 comes from, but it must happen before arriving home. Ideally, there would be a screen that simply displays the total time accumulated in z3. I have a Garmin 935. Curious if this is a feature someone has figured out on this or any Garmin device.

I don’t have a power meter on my bike, but Garmin Connect does display time-in zones for HR in the summary data for an activity (bike or run), I presume if a Garmin head unit was recording power it would display that as well.

Edit: the Edge 520 actually shows that on screen after a ride. I assume other Garmin head units as well.


This probably isn’t very helpful to your specific query, but if you haven’t accumulated the time in Z3 in a way you can easily monitor yourself (e.g. by doing 3x30 minute intervals at tempo power), then it will be pretty meaningless from a training perspective.

And anyway, let’s say you did 3x30 tempo intervals outside, and average each one bang on 85%. Chances are you’d quite often dip down into Z2 and up into Z4, so it might claim you’d only done 75-80 minutes at target power. But I’d call that 90 minutes at Z3, no question.

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Time in Zone is a field that’s available for display, at least on the Garmin 530. Check your manual.

I dedicate one page on my garmin 530 to power stats (time in zones, tss, kj’s, etc.). It’s not a page I keep up constantly, just something to check on periodically during a ride or training session.

Thanks all. You are right, it IS a field. Perfect that it can be set to see how much time has been spent in any specific zone = an adjusted “sweet spot” z3 in my case. Exactly what I was looking for!

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