Zwift + Trainerroad on PC with just 1 ANT+ Stick (Smart Trainer + separately Powermeter on Bike)


anybody knows if it’s possible to run Zwift and Trainerroad together on one PC with one ANT+ Stick - when using my Smart Trainer (Tacx Neo) for Trainerroad (ERG to control Power) and pair my Powermeter (Power2max) on my bike to Zwift as powersource (without control).

Tacx Neo → Trainerroad (via ANT+) ERG/controlable
Powermeter → Zwift (via same ANT+) no control (just source)

Should be possible… am i right?


No, this doesn’t work. Only one application can access your ANT+ stick at a time.

To get around this you would need to either:

  1. Buy a second ANT+ Stick, one for Zwift, one for TR
  2. Use Bluetooth, there’s quite a bit more flexibility here.

Just an example of what I do:
TR: Bluetooth connection to Tacx Neo 2T and Garmin HR Dual
Zwift: Bluetooth connection to Stages Gen 3 and ANT+ to Garmin HR Dual

I used to connect with ANT+ for the power meter as well, but I found Bluetooth a bit more stable in my setup.


Aaaah ok, thanks… now i get it.
you just can’t use one ANT+ for 2 applications…

Before I just thought because of you still also use just one ANT+ to connect HRM, Powermeter, Smart Trainer, Cadence… but that was in one application.

Thank you

This is what I do that works:
Use ANT+ for trainer to trainerroad. power and controllable
Use Bluetooth via Zwift companion on the phone to Zwift. Could even use the same power source (trainer) Just make sure to disconnect controlable in Zwift.

I’ve done this on my laptop with Zwift connected using the ANT+ and TR connected using Bluetooth, which worked fine but was a bit of a faff, as I like to have my laptop to the side of the bike so I can use the keyboard if needed, but then you can’t see the TR workout properly (I have a separate TV which shows the Zwift screen).

But now I tend to just use my laptop for Zwift and run the TR app on my phone (connected via BT) to run the workouts. That’s been easier to handle.

tr can be displayed directly at the bottom of the zwift screen, you can try

This is what I do too. Ant+ for TrainerRoad on a Samsung Phone, Bluetooth to Zwift on Apple TV. Cyclops/ Saris Hammer (v.1)

Very few phones support ant+, and Samsung is one of them. You can actually buy ant+ to Bluetooth devices for about $50

I’ve used TrainerRoad with OTG cables/ connectors and Ant+ stick too. Slightly more flaky than native, but not massively so.

This tool could also be interesting if anybody doesn’t know jet