How to polish carbon brake levers?

I propped my bike on a stone fence while pumping the rear wheel with a hand pump. It was too late when I found that my Shimano carbon brake lever touches the wall and is badly scratched. Is there a way to polish this?

Clean and sand, apply clear coat, sand again and polish. If you’re me you make a mess of it and then have to buy a new part, but maybe you’re better at this than I am :slight_smile:

Ive heard of folk using nail varnish on carbon, I ve no idea how good a job it does though.

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You can probably sand it down with really fine-grit wet sanding paper (like 800 or so), then use a car-type clear coat from a can. Better to take the lever off the bike and take it apart for that, or you’ll get paint dust inside the mechanism, or clear coat all over your bike!


A few options here.

  1. sand, wet sand, polish, wax or clean with suspension stantion cleaner or something. Generally for levers, less is more.

  2. same as above but without the lube cleaner…. Spray max 2k clear coat. Gloss or satin. This is the hardest spray paint that you can easily find. It lays down really well, but each can is a single day use type of thing. It lays down really thin and does not sand, so if you see a pit in the finish prior to paint, it’ll be there later spray and pray. This is a good option for bars or rims.

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