Touch up and protection of paint on a new carbon frame

Hi folks,

I just purchased a new to me 2020 Giant Advanced Pro Propel in ‘sparkly’ dark green. The frame is in excellent condition. Two questions:

  1. I was an idiot and chipped the paint in a few spots trying to install a threaded wheels bb 86 bottom bracket. I stopped and took it off before more damage could be done (purchased a wheels pressfit ceramic BB). How can I ‘touch up’ these paint chips to protect the carbon frame? Is that necessary? They cannot be seen since its on the drive side.

  2. Are folks applying any type of protective clear ‘skin’ on their new bikes to protect the paint from rock chips? I know it will happen but I’d like to reduce damage to the paint from rocks etc.

Thanks in advance.


Not sure about the repairs, but I would think some touch up paint, perhaps from a car parts store and maybe some sort of clear over top would be fine. I don’t think you have to worry about corrosion with carbon, but might want to make sure additional paint doesn’t flake off. I don’t apply anything really to my road bikes. I can’t say I’ve had much issue with rocks riding on streets. Perhaps the occasional ding, but not a huge concern for me. I do apply a substantial amount of clear protection for my mountain bike.

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For touch ups, you might be able to find a close match with model car paint.

There is no real “need” to pain for protection, since carbon won’t suffer from oxidation like metal (steel and aluminum specifically).

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Try some clear nail polish if you don’t care about the final appearance. I had a hard fall on my carbon cx bike last year where the bar smashed into the top-tube and chipped the paint. It was easily flaking off but the nail polish sealed the paint edges up perfectly with a few coats.


For protection against rocks etc… I use either helicopter tape or clear gorilla tape. Use it in places where cables and bag straps might rub plus chain stays and down tube.

I’ve also used 3M reflective tape which is pretty robust and even comes in black.