Making Matte Carbon Rims More Glossy

Totally a non-performance related question, but seeing as @TheStevenLewis is on here and this is probably / hopefully right in his wheel house (excuse the pun) I thought I’d ask.

I have a set of Lightbicycle rims in UD that are Matte finished. They look great but are just a little too Matte for my liking and don’t really match the finish of my new frame. I didn’t go for the glossy finish as LBs gloss finish tends to be super extra glossy which I don’t really like. I was wanting more of an Enve rim semi-gloss finish.

My question is; is there a product I can use to add some level of gloss to the rims that will stay put for a reasonable amount of time? I don’t really want to take to a painter etc in case they stuff it up. So far I’ve bombed them with Juice Lubes, Bike Juice polish which gives me the desired look but I know if probably will only last a few rides. These are disc rims so there is no issue with contaminating the brake track too :smile:

There are a few things you can do, but honestly, a good ceramic coating will add depth to the matte finish and the more coats you add, the more it glosses. So go on Amazon and get some CQuartz Finest and go ham. The bonus is, they will be scary easy to clean and dirt will never fully stick!

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Awesome thanks for that! Will give it a go.

And just to make things easier on you, I coat my entire fleet of bikes in ceramic coating and it makes EVERYTHING so easy to clean and keep shiny (or matte)!!

Yeah figured if I bought a bottle it’s worth doing the whole frame too. For a noob is it easy to apply? Just follow the instructions and go to it?
Bike is brand new so no chips or marks to fix up or road grime to remove