Painting canyon carbon handlebar

How would you approach painting the gray parts black on Canyon H11 handlebar?
I was thinking using masking tape and only spray painting the gray part, will it need a clear coat to be durable?

probably easier to just wet sand and clear coat rather than paint…400-800-1200 grit something like that. get all that from your local hardware


I did this on an FSA over logo’d handlebar. acetone to remove paint/logos.

You do need paint- the resin will fog & amber in UV light because it is basically amber. It’ll also look better. Use Flat or Satin clear for the more dry carbon.

The paint is softer than the resin, so the sandpaper will bite into any exposed carbon/resin while the paint will just flex- This will leave you with a pitted, spotting sanding that will never look right.

Chemicals to remove old paint (aircraft paint remover - acetone for logos). Resin/epoxy is basically impervious to chemicals. Just hit it with a really high wet sand - like 500+ -
once, with really fancy automotive sand paper that you keep clean, and sparingly using a block -you’re just sanding to give the paint something to grip here. Clean the dust off with soap& water then alcohol.

Paint- spray paint is weak sauce. You want “2k” (2 part paint) that will be a lot more durable. I’ve had good luck with this in satin and gloss. It’s basically single use. Gloss will only look good for a season, Satin maybe 4 years, this will not UV protect your resin from fogging.

If you screw it up, don’t plan on sanding down after painting. Just redo it. shake well, practice, clean the tip, dust free environment, air flow to get the paint to set quickly, only a coat or two.

If you want some color, like a grey tint to the clear, find an automotive paint store to make you a spray can.

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The center of these bars were de-logo’d and satin 2k clear’d over FSA stone look finish. These were cleaned and the camera does pic up more than the eye would here.

In the last photo, you can see some sanding defects and how the paint stands up to about 2 years of use, rubbing, tape residue. You can see two palm prints from some chemical/heat/sticky good. You can see a few glossy spots from my hands gripping the leading edge of the center section.

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