Dumb question time - first time carbon owner

Howdy everybody. I just bought my first all carbon bike, and I’m wondering if the care is any different. Can I still wipe down and clean as I had with my carbon? Anything I should avoid? Any extra preventative maintenance? I’m very meticulous about my bike care, so I want to make sure I’m on it.


Get a torque wrench or two, if you don’t have one. Tighten to spec and avoid over tightening so you don’t damage.


Don’t forget the friction paste which will help a lot with preventing slippage of your seat post and stem at the lower torques.


To expand on that - buy a tube of ‘carbon fibre paste’ and use this instead of grease for your seatpost etc.

Where carbon fibre meets carbon fibre and
Where carbon fibre meets metal, use carbon fibre paste

Where metal meets metal (bearings), use grease.