How to manage the expectations of a Training Plan

I enjoy/prefer following structured training of a Training Plan; but I have no race goals, or immediate need to become faster. I’m fine with slow, but methodical increases in my FTP; and if I never see another increase, I can live with that, too. So with that said, what’s the best way to manage the progression of a training plan? For example, if I reach the end the first Sweet Spot base Phase I, what’s the effect on the plan if I just repeat that phase? I imagine the rides assigned under SSI are “easier” than SSII, but how does Adaptive Training view that repeat? Will the Plan continue to assign SSI type rides, but adapted to any increase in fitness AI sees?

And then there’s the issue of wanting to perhaps, change from a Rolling Road Race plan to a Grand Fondo plan. When you have no specific objectives, training with TR is like being a kid in a candy store.

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The second phase of SSBLV replaces one of the sweetspot rides with on/off VO2 Max work.

Makes a significant difference to the ‘feel’ of the training block!

I’m about to enter week 5 of SSBLV2 (adding in Z2 rides to taste) and I’d not change a thing as I feel the progression has been great.



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… and to directly address your last question, I think Adaptive Training will progress you through the progression levels of the workout types of whatever phase you’re in, subject to adjustments after FTP changes.

So, in SSBLV1, it’ll progress you separately through the two SS workouts and the one Threshold workout each week.

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Thanks for your feedback. I’m just entering my first reduced workload week, so perhaps SSBL2 won’t look so intimidating after I take a nice rest week. I look at some of those rides to come and imagine them at a higher FTP, and it’s pretty scary. That said, maybe I won’t be rewarded with a higher FTP, and all’s good!

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If you’re using Adaptive Training it’ll adjust your progression levels to reflect your new FTP to make sure the workouts in your first week of SSB2 are achievable, and then it’ll progress them from there depending on your survey responses.

The only adjustment I made was to make my first VO2 Max workout a stretch, as I knew the first one it gave me was a tad on the easy side.

As I said, it progressed me nicely and I had another great workout today.